Where the evidence of MS started to show

So it was about two weeks into my new job where the pins and needles sensations in my arm increased, I kept wondering what was happening and still had no results from my Scan taken a week earlier. I shared with my new manager what was happening as I just could not carry on, I was tearful and scared. She immediately send me to our Emergency department where I saw a lovey ED Consultant, who took a full history and then set off to chase my MRI results. I went back to the office to wait for a phone call.

I did not receive a call, but a visit to my office from the ED Consultant. I obviously thought immediately the worst. As a Health professional its so hard to separate your clinical head and your own health, I knew before he opened his mouth there was something found on the MRI and I was right.

I can remember clearly that bench in the hospital we sat on outside, he informed me that there was a area that was ‘lit up’ on my MRI of the cervical spinal cord that could indicate some inflammation and could be MS. He immediately referred me to the hospitals Consultant Neurologist who saw me three days later. I was given a diagnosis at this appointment as ‘Myelitis’ and a short course of high does steroids to see if this would alleviate the symptoms. I did not fully meet the MS diagnosis criteria which in some ways was great but in others not as there was no further treatment apart from symptom relief medications for my painful sensations in my arms and now leg. It was about 18 months later now when I had a second opinion as my symptoms were just not improving. My scans were stable during those 18 months with no further plaques/areas of inflammation on Brain or spine. I had endured a lumbar puncture to aid diagnosis in that time and had a CSF leak following due to the traumatic procedure. This required a blood patch to rectify in theatre which was like someone had waved a magic wand over my excruciating headache and dizziness. My CSF was negative and no IgG oligoclonal bands  detected in spinal fluid, more positive evidence against MS. Apparently around 90% of MS patients have them in their CS, could I be one of the 10% without?

The 2nd opinion appointment came through, I was to be on another journey of further investigations…..

General Practitioner

I attended countless appointments over the coming weeks asking my GP what was wrong and that I needed some help to control the horrid symptoms. My right hand and arm had constant pins and needles and pain like when you wake up with a dead arm from sleeping on it. As a Health professional i knew in my heart of hearts it was MS.

I saw various GP’s (as they was the only appointments I could get) over the coming weeks, I shared my concerns it was MS but was told it would not be this and I am just worrying too much. I was taken down the clinical investigation pathway of having a “trapped nerve” in my arm, I knew it was not! I finally got a MRI scan after being referred to an orthopaedic clinic, once again was told on initial referral examination don’t worry it’s more likely a trapped nerve. I knew it would not be.

Shower 🚿

As I applied the shower gel on my body something did not feel the same as the thousands of showers I had over the years. My arm, as the water hit it, did not feel the same. I could feel the water splashing on my arm however it was to a lesser degree than normal. As I got out of the shower and grabbed my towel to dry my body I definitely sensed something was wrong. The towel sensation touching my arm once again was different, like my skin had been numbed or anaesthetised similar to when you have an injection at the dentist for dental work! I can remember saying to my wife something was wrong. I went to work as normal however the coming weeks my arm and hand sensations just deteriorated.

I was just leaving a senior healthcare job after 11 years with this employer and about to start a new job at a different hospital, having health problems was not on my list of things I needed!

The coming weeks of going to the GP asking for assistance just become another stress to handle.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Hi there, my journey started around three years ago. I can remember that shower I had before work like it was only yesterday, it was one that changed my life forever and where my MS journey first started.

I have started this blog today to share my experience of being diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and the frustrations of being diagnosed. My journey from 2016 through to now (2019) will be shared over the coming months.

Bit about me, I am 44 years of age, male and live in the UK. I have one amazing daughter and wife and I work full time in Healthcare.

My story and journey started in 2016 after having a shower, my life would never be the same from that day. The little things I took for granted like the sense of touch, hand and finger manipulation, would all be affected from this day forward.

I will start my journey here for you all and start to share my stressful diagnosis route.

Over the coming weeks I will add to this blog in a hope it helps others new to MS, or those going through the same diagnosis path as I. I also feel me writing this blog will help me alleviate some of the stress and frustrations of living with the symptoms of MS and the uncertainty this disease brings.

Thankyou for joining me and welcome aboard this train with an unknown destiny.