Shower 🚿

As I applied the shower gel on my body something did not feel the same as the thousands of showers I had over the years. My arm, as the water hit it, did not feel the same. I could feel the water splashing on my arm however it was to a lesser degree than normal. As I got out of the shower and grabbed my towel to dry my body I definitely sensed something was wrong. The towel sensation touching my arm once again was different, like my skin had been numbed or anaesthetised similar to when you have an injection at the dentist for dental work! I can remember saying to my wife something was wrong. I went to work as normal however the coming weeks my arm and hand sensations just deteriorated.

I was just leaving a senior healthcare job after 11 years with this employer and about to start a new job at a different hospital, having health problems was not on my list of things I needed!

The coming weeks of going to the GP asking for assistance just become another stress to handle.

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